By The Beauty Hub  |  September 20th, 2016  |  Company News,News

Azzedine Alaïa is one of those people for whom giving will always be more important than receiving. This “aristocrat of generosity”, as his muse, client and friend Arletty described him, has always given without any thought of reward. He gifts the women he dresses with confidence and grace.

He welcomes his friends and employees to his kitchen table every day at his Marais headquarters, making mealtimes an opportunity for fostering friendship and enjoying Parisian society life, far removed from any sort of convention.

He regularly opens up the gallery in his huge atelier with its glass-ceiling and lends out his picture rails. Above his boutique, his three guest rooms, which are fully furnished with collector’s items – design is one of his many other passions – are another way for him to host friends and family or passing visitors. The couturier is blessed as much with a sense of discretion as he is with a sense of family. He is constantly surrounded by long term and treasured friends, and he always pays special attention to each one of them. He has made his Parisian house an essential stop-off point for all.

Though miles away from his native Mediterranean, Azzedine Alaïa has never lost his love for a celebration and his deeply-rooted attachment to community. Far from it, he has made it his life’s focus. As though the adventure of creation can only happen through teamwork. And only has meaning when shared with the people he loves.

“My fragrance is the complex architecture of the most paradoxical sensations that the most wonderful encounters in my life have brought me,” explains Azzedine Alaïa. When referring to his perfume, once again it is generosity that comes to the Couturier’s mind. What could be more natural for him than to make a gift of it to women, and in doing so, renew his declaration of love?

From the simplest gesture to the most lavish, Alaïa’s generosity is beyond words. To celebrate this art of generosity, Alaïa Paris Eau de Parfum is adorned with a complimentary couture wrapping featuring the geometric Alaïa Perforations, the signature of the designer’s fashion which now becomes an iconic adornment.

The magic of giving takes on its full meaning, packaging turns into art and the box, a gift unto itself.