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It is the moment you spray a perfume, the moment when the bokhour permeates into your clothing and you inhale the heady scent. It is a moment of reflection, a personal moment where you layer fragrances to achieve your own unique scent and it is a time honored tradition which has been passed on throughout the generations.

Ghawali appreciates these precious moments and their link with tradition and have created all of our luxurious fragrance, bath and bodycare lines with the sole purpose of re-wakening these fragrance rituals and renewing your senses.

Rooted in heritage and originating from the early development of perfumes in the region,
“Ghalia” was a word used to describe the precious and expensive scents the traveling merchants brought to the region, offering the Royal families their own exclusive scents, or “Ghawalis” as they came to be known.

Ghawali understands your need to possess your own precious “ghalias” and the desire to remain linked with culture and heritage through these fragrances, yet present a contemporary offering. Realizing the importance of traditional the elements of perfume, oil, and bokhour they also understand that scent accompanies you in all facets of grooming, thus catering to your bath and bodycare needs.

Ghawali have developed luxurious collections specifically for the layering ritual, allowing the heady scents to envelope your skin at every touch point. From Purifying Shower Gel to the final spray of their long lasting Parfum, your skin and senses will be treated to layer upon layer of beautiful fragrances and formulas.

Their unique fragrance creations are developed from the finest ingredients found in the region; Indian Oud, Amber, Damask Rose, and Sandalwood to name a few, and formulated by expert perfumers who understand the nuances of Arabic fragrancing and how important fragrances are to this region, not just as a product but as a way of life.


And their boutique mirrors this notion. The moment you step into their boutique, your fragrance journey reawakens. By surprising and delighting at every touch point, Ghawali create memorable experiences specifically created to facilitate the ritual and layering aspect. Coupled with a unique approach to personalized service and set within a luxurious surrounding, their tailor made offer combines Arabic fragrance expertise and welcoming service and hospitality.

Store Locations

UAE – Dubai Festival City, City Walk 2.
KSA – Nojoud Center (Tahlia st) Jeddah, Red Sea Mall Jeddah, Aknaz Center (Tahlia st) Riyadh.