By The Beauty Hub  |  September 25th, 2016  |  Brands,News

A flawless complexion is the ultimate quest for women worldwide, even if the definition of a flawless complexion varies from one climate and country to another: freshness, evenness, luminosity, translucency, but also coverage, a healthy glow, however, there is one common denominator: a natural look.

A major trend for many years, a natural, nude or second-skin effect has established itself as the hallmark of a flawless complexion. Behind the idea of natural lies the desire for healthy skin, glowing with well- being. The new ultra-sensory and extremely light Lingerie de Peau line becomes one with the face like a sensual second skin and provides long-lasting comfort thanks to technology borrowed from the world of fabrics.

A Guerlain invention, this technology weaves natural silk and linen fibres and knits them with stretch fibres with smoothing properties to form a feather light veil that hugs the face and guarantees total lasting comfort. Correcting pigments and powders perfectly entwine into this micro-mesh to create a skin-fusion effect. The airy texture glides effortlessly over the skin for endlessly buildable coverage. The Lingerie de Peau formula offers the right balance between truth and idealisation, showcasing without transforming, creating the impression of naturally beautiful skin. It delivers a healthy glow while allowing skin to shine through.

To precisely meet the expectations of different skin tones, Guerlain collaborated with 44 women of different age and skin tone to reinvent its entire colour palette. While the complexion’s intensity varies depending on the climate or season, there is an indicator that remains the same: the undertone or colour beneath the skin. This is why, to best match the different skin tones and their various undertones, Guerlain has created a scale with six degrees of intensity ranging from porcelain to ebony, and three undertones for each intensity:

The result – a range of 18 shades that perfectly correspond to all skin colours, both in terms of intensity and undertone, for an incredibly natural, seamless result. No concealment, just a little enhancement, a carefully crafted nude, like an elegant strip-tease. With Lingerie de Peau, the face is radiant; there is no longer a gap between how we see ourselves with or without make-up. We remain recognisable, but have that extra beauty boost that embellishes without altering. Thanks to Lingerie de Peau, our ruses invisible to the naked eye remain a secret!

Multi-perfecting concealer is the first hybrid concealer that allows you to save time. How? By combining concealing and skincare actions to correct dark circles, pigmentation marks and spots. Its pigments match the skin’s different undertones to correct dark circles, while its blurring effect instantly softens the slightest imperfection.

It offers endlessly buildable coverage for a perfectly tailored concealing action. As a bonus, its formula enriched with a skincare complex reduces the appearance of under eye bags, erases imperfections and moisturises dry areas. It blends seamlessly with the skin to leave a fine, lightweight finish and an imperceptible, incredibly natural result. The concealer is available in three luminous intensities from very fair to very dark, each in three tones – cool, warm and neutral – for made-to measure coverage in harmony with the foundation.

Make-up artists use powder brushes to apply fluid foundation. This tip allows you to obtain an even more natural result. An elegant powder pink accessory, the Lingerie de Peau Brush may therefore easily be mistaken for a powder brush. Its dense and extremely soft tuft of pink hairs takes up just the right amount of product. There’s no risk of overloading the brush and application has never been so quick, easy, smooth and even.

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Line