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Nina Ricci develops it’s Nina range with a new addition, a new perfume named Luna. A fantasy world, full of the imaginary, Luna and Nina embody the complex BFF relationship.

Nina Ricci is a free spirit that loves women in their most sensitive and specific aspects. It follows them step by step and touches them closely. It expresses intimacy, the magic of the moment, their desires and the mood of the time. Nothing is more disturbing than real women. Nothing is more thrilling than life. Lightness, instinct, sensuality. Beauty without artifice and femininity raised as the banner.

Luna is a fragrance, with exquisite curves and gourmand accents, to the cascading laughter and thrills of young girls. An unprecedented fragrance dedicated to life’s explorers. A tribe of women in the making, a myriad of girls full of promise, they have the aura and the energy of youth, evade compulsory figures, watching the horizon, stretching towards the unknown. Plural, disarming, unpredictable. Free, vivacious, captivating. They enter life as if they were biting into an apple. Nina and Luna. Stronger together. Joining forces through tacit recognition, an unwavering bond that needs no words. Except perhaps Les Belles de Nina.


Candied Everlasting Flower
Opting for a daring candied everlasting flower, a gourmand woody floral. The irresistible ingredients bring out the very best of themselves. And take over the senses. Gourmet delight takes on bluish reflections. The flight is beautiful. A captivating duo. Juicy and bright. Orange blossom and wild berries are tamed.

Right in the heart. Noble and proud, white everlasting flower is intoxicated with caramel. A new experience, a rare addiction. Subtle toasted notes and honey accents. Then carnal vanilla intrigues sandalwood. Vibrant and insolent sensuality. Luna is a bold, intense and mysterious fragrance designed by the duo Christophe Raynaud and Marie Salamagne. Echoing Nina, created by Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp in 2006, this subtle and complementary tandem writes a new chapter in gourmand fragrances.

Toffee Apple
Opting for a daring toffee apple, a gourmand fruity floral. The delicate ingredients bring out the very best of themselves and awaken the senses. Gourmet delight is tempting.

The flight is beautiful. Expansive grace in a citrus spiral. Calabrian lemon and Caipirinha lime intertwine, for a stunning freshness. Right in the dual-faceted heart, smooth gardenia is draped in a delicious veil of toffee apple. Then cedar wood wraps itself around caressing white musks. Delicate and radiant sensuality. Nina is a bright, sparkling and sensual fragrance imagined by the Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp. The gourmet desire of young girls since 2006, a love story that has lasted 10 years so far. The right age to find one’s inseparable other.


A cult bottle

Nina is a magnetic apple in blue and night hues. A leather tie delicately surrounds the neck while two quivering and determined golden leaves, abound with fine promises. It has the mystery of an initiatory dream. A bottle dedicated to Luna, her riddles, her youth, her recklessness. The colour of her desires. United with Nina.
Luna is a delightful, transparently blushing apple. Three silver leaves enhance falsely ingenuous curves and promise to devour life. It has the exquisite charm of found paradise. A bottle dedicated to Nina, her delights, her youth, her recklessness. The colour of her dreams. Hand in hand with Luna.

Nina Ricci Les Belles De Nina & Luna are available at select beauty counters in the UAE.

Priced at AED345 each.