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Chloe Walsh regularly tends to the city’s most style savvy ladies who entrust her with one of the most important cosmetic features on their face; their eyebrows. If you could use a little help to get your arches amazing, Chloe is your go-to Eyebrow Artist to give you a brow game as strong as Cara’s.

We look at some of the top trending brows this season and why they are so popular providing a more youthful appearance.

The Full, Natural Brow

A thick, full brow a la Cara Delevingne is one of the trendiest and most in-demand styles that shows no sign of going away. A fuller brow can give a more youthful appearance and a softer, more timeless look. A thick, rectangular shape can lift the brow, almost like a Botox treatment, so long as the arch is in the right place. Brow expert Chloe has a wealth of experience and is able to determine the best shape for your face whilst maintaining a completely natural look.


The Bleached, Barely There Brow

Seen on the Givenchy runway were barely there brows with super dark eye shadow added to the eyes emphasising the area. Marc Jacobs also saw all of his models with their brows erased, and Kenzo bleached out brows and added white graphic eyeliner to add a different dynamic to the trend. This is one for the brave and can be achieved by having your brows completely bleached.


The Textured Brow

The textured brow is taking over against the perfectly groomed and defined brow, replacing it with a messier, more relaxed style that is groomed in the middle. Brows are brushed upwards to create this look and if you don’t have much eyebrow hair, Chloe can help you gain some extra texture by adding tiny hair-strokes in the form of micro-blading, a semi permanent make up that is so natural you can’t tell the difference.

Whatever your eyebrow preference Chloe has the skills and expertise to ensure your brow game is well and truly on. With a range of treatments tailored to your individual needs, including the ever-popular HD Brows, an eyebrow treatment where custom blended colour is applied, creating the perfect, bespoke arch for you. HD brows last for between 4-6 weeks.

Or if you are looking for a more permanent option, Chloe offers a semi-permanent treatment, lasting for up to 12/18 months. It is ideal for those with little or no eyebrows, those who have scars through their brow or anyone who wants their eyes ‘lifted’ without surgery. With her wealth of experience, Chloe is able to determine the best shape for your face shape, skin and hair colour and thus create a natural look. Using either a natural hair stroke effect, a soft powdered effect or a combination of both, Chloe will achieve a look that instantly lifts and places all emphasis on your eyes.

Not only is Chloe one of the best brow specialists in the business, she is also a qualified and experienced Cosmetic Permanent Make-up Artist, specialising in eyes and lips as well as eyebrows.

Prices start from AED1,200 for semi permanent make-up treatments.

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