By trichologist in Dubai  |  September 7th, 2016  |  Beauty Articles,Hair Styling Tools,News,Reviews

The science of human hair is called trichology. It includes structure, diseases and function of human hair. Clinical trichology involves the treatment of diseases associated with scalp and hair. But, why do you need a Trichologist? Or do you need a Trichologist in Dubai in the first place?

All these questions are answered explaining our top reasons on why you need to visit a Trichologist:

Hair loss
Hair loss is a cause of great distress. There are many misunderstandings associated with hair loss. The problem of hair loss requires sympathetic handling and skill of a Trichologist. There are multiple kinds of hair loss. Some do respond to home based treatments and do not require any medical assistance, some have a natural recovery, some need years of treatment and may lead to a hair transplant. A person cannot identify the underlying cause of hair loss on their own. That’s why coordination between a patient and Trichologist is needed.

Scalp issues
Scalp problems are often the root cause of hair fall. There are multiple problems which your scalp can encounter ranging from dandruff to other inflammatory conditions. Poor diet, stress and allergies might be responsible for excessive buildup in the scalp. Tricologists can get to the root cause of the problem associated with your scalp. They can advise you on achieving a healthy scalp from using the correct shampoo to eating the right diet.