By The Beauty Hub  |  October 6th, 2016  |  International Beauty News,News

Elie Saab reinvents the mythical accord with refinement and sensuality, in the first Haute Parfumerie collection entirely dedicated to leather.

As the final detail sculpting the silhouette, leather is one of the noblest materials of the couturier’s craft. Today, he places it at the heart of his inspiration in the second opus of his collection, La Collection des Cuirs.

Cuir Bourbon, Sensuous, Velvety and Addictive 
In this smooth-as-suede, velvety fragrance, vanilla unveils the two faces of its sensuality. As vanillin, it takes on creamy, tender tinges that melt into the warmth of musks. In the form of absolute, the black pod gives off an unexpected whiff of leather, underlined with the spicy accents of saffron.

Cuir Ylang, Solar, Spicy and Intriguing
Conjuring the softness of full-grain leather, the fragrance showcases a particularly refined essence of ylang-ylang, enhancing its contrasts. Solar, luminous and spicy, the tropical flower reveals intriguing leathery accents in Cuir Ylang. In a play of light and shadow, it is exalted by soaring, resinous tendrils of incense and darkened by smoky birch.

Cuir Patchouli, Bold, Raw and Forceful
Here, the essence of patchouli reveals unexpected facets. Green and leathery in the top notes, brightened by bergamot and cinnamon leaf (which is sweeter and rounder than cinnamon bark). Ambery and sensuous, wrapped on the tawny glow of Cistus Labdanum and cumin. As raw and textured as grained leather, patchouli asserts its forceful character.

As the ultimate touch of refinement, La Collection des Cuirs introduces a new, original perfuming ritual, inspired by the Middle-Eastern tradition of layering essential oils, fragrant smoke and luxury perfumes to create an olfactory signature. Elie Saab offers an Haute Couture interpretation of this sophisticated gesture with Cuir Absolu, Sublimateur de Parfum.


The ultimate reinterpretation of the Cuir de Russie accord, this sleek, potent composition combines precious resins such as Cistus Labdanum and Styrax with distilled woods like juniper and birch. Bourbon vanilla, patchouli and ylang-ylang add richness and warmth to this smoky, flawlessly elegant blend. Cuir Absolu, Sublimateur de Parfum can be worn either on its own, or layered with Cuir Bourbon, Cuir Ylang or Cuir Patchouli to customise and extend their sillage.

To showcase La Collection des Cuirs, the iconic bottle is dressed in the deepest black, brightened with a gold label and cap. An inverted mirror of the three other fragrances, the bottle of the Sublimateur de Parfum is gold, with a black label and cap. The precious flacon, wrapped in a black velvet sheath as sensuous as one of the Couturier’s sublime gowns, is presented in a sumptuous, leather-finish coffret.