By The Beauty Hub  |  October 30th, 2016  |  Brands,News

A man’s grooming ritual begins first thing in the morning with a shower and shave, and continues during the day after playing sports or at the office and then ends at night with an invigorating or relaxing wash.

Lots of water should not be damaging. Except when this precious liquid contains mineral crystals which have an effect on the skin: invisible to the eye, these elements are deposited on the skin like an uncomfortable net which dries and damages the skin surface, hence the idea from ClarinsMen to offer two “repairing” toners for men.

  • Fresh Moisture Toner With Apple Vinegar.
  • Soft Moisture Toner With Apple Vinegar

Enriched with apple vinegar with water-softening properties and available in two textures with refreshing or comforting benefits, they effectively and gently neutralise the damage caused by repeated application of water on the skin.

Nothing beats an application of a ClarinsMen Toner: perfect after a wash or before a shave, this skin care step neutralises the harmful effects of tap water deposits on the skin. It also prepares skin to fully benefit from the day or night care applied afterwards. The Toners are available in two textures, one for men that love a fresh feel and the other for  men looking for softness and comfort.

The formulas of Fresh Moisture Toner and Soft Moisture Toner contain powerful key ingredients which work together to help fight the damaging effects of tap water, boost cell energy and hydrate skin.

  • Apple vinegar helps neutralise feelings of tightness and discomfort caused by tap water. By reinforcing the skin barrier, it helps to control moisture loss. The skin is hydrated and smooth and better prepared for daily skin care applied afterwards.
  • By boosting the synthesis of ATP, a source of cell energy, the combination of  bison grass and gymnema extracts helps to stimulate skin dynamism. An effect produced in a very gentle way thanks to the additional soothing action of bison grass extract.
  • These core, key ingredients in the formula are also combined with two hydrating ingredients: glycerin, a derivative of plant origin, limits water evaporation at the skin surface to help preserve skin hydration while panthenol reinforces the skin barrier function.

The new toners are available at Clarins counters in the UAE.