By The Beauty Hub  |  October 25th, 2016  |  Brands,News

The L’Art & la Matière collection has grown to recently receive another member – Néroli Outrenoir, drawing on the contrast between the luminescence of neroli and the obscurity of much darker and more mysterious notes.

When perfume becomes a privilege once more and perfumery an expression of artistic craftmanship, they are respectful of tradition, yet offer a nod to nonconformity. With the combined art of elegance and paradox as their signature.

A passionate homage to the Guerlain Perfumers’ favoured ingredients and a timeless ode to the elegance of Fine Perfumery, L’Art & la Matière was a pioneer among prestigious collections from great perfume houses.

This bold and imaginative “fragrance library” is first and foremost a hedonistic profession of faith that shows a keen interest in fragrances of liberty and daring: compositions that bring a variety of pleasures and raise the spirits. Exceptional absolutes, each of the eight fragrances in this collection blends remarkable raw ingredients and seeks to create a kind of “dissonance” through a skillful collision of ingredients.

The Rich Paradoxes of Neroli Outrenoir – what a wonderful oxymoron that evokes a chiaroscuro of nature! The light of darkness or luminous obscurity?

An unabashed homage to the painter Pierre Soulages, a great devotee of black who excels in bringing out the unsuspected accents of this colour (which he calls “black light”), Néroli Outrenoir plays with paradox. We are a far cry here from naïve purity, which is often associated with neroli essence. Néroli Outrenoir is a neroli infused with melancholy. When you smell it, linger near it or wear it, you discover an exceptional fragrance, moving and stirring in equal measure, whose extremely rare sillage exudes an intriguing aura.

The Signature of an exceptional nose – could you imagine a better duo to put a new spin on perfumery once again? On the one hand Thierry Wasser, and on the other the House of Guerlain. While he declares his admiration for orange blossom – “I wanted all of its facets to be expressed: zesty, orangey neroli essence; woody, aromatic petitgrain essence; and orange blossom absolute” – and is dedicated to discernible elegance and unexplained, spontaneous grace, Thierry Wasser delights in playing with opposites, veiled references and about-turns with consummate skill. A man of conviction and warmth, this “Guerlain heir” champions the idea of shaking up the ingredient and taking it to its limits. Inspired and determined, the House Master Perfumer has chosen a luminous neroli, beautifully enhanced by bergamot, which is suddenly contrasted with notes of smoky tea, myrrh and dark woods (gaiac, oud).

Like a jewel case, it has it all: the “leather feel” case (that can be turned into a jewellery box as you wish), the stylish vintage bulb atomiser – the quintessence of perfume application – with an ON/OFF position for ease of transport, the amethyst colour of the satiny fabric sewn inside – reflecting the tones of 68, Champs-Elysées, the House’s legendary address and, of course, the words “Guerlain Paris” tone-on-tone embossed on the top of the box, alongside the sun that shines like an aura, the House’s eternal symbol.

Néroli Outrenoir is available only at “The Exclusives” Boutique Maison Guerlain Dubai, Paris Gallery, Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols.