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Qafiya is an amazing initiative between Ajmal Perfumes and Rashid Abdulla Turki Alturki, a young, energetic and vibrant Emirati, who walked into Ajmal’s office with a concept of collaborating with the brand to launch a fragrance. A fragrance that represents the new, modern Emirati lifestyle but marinated in local traditions that’s so integral to every Emirati, young and old.

This concept worked brilliantly well with Ajmal, as the brand has been embarking on initiatives where it could work with local talents and add value to the ‘community’ that’s been at the forefront of its existence in this region. After all, Dubai was the city that Ajmal opened its first retail showroom in 1976.

The core idea of this ‘community’ initiative was built on the premise that Rashid Abdulla will have a panel of dynamic Emiratis who will work with Ajmal from the concept creation of this new fragrance to the final development of the product.

The pitch was to have “UAE’s first fragrance that’s ‘made’ by the young, modern Emirati community, ‘for’ the young, modern Emirati community”.

Over the past 21 months of its creation, Rashid Abdulla and his panel with the Ajmal team had to start from the very basic need to understand what ingredients to choose from. In order for the Ajmal team to get a better understanding of the Emirati palate, the team met up with Bader Najeeb Al Awadhi, a budding Emirati Chef, who provided insightful information of the likes and dislikes of his Emirati community.

Similarly, the team worked with an Emirati Designer, Nuha Ahmed AlMokbily to design the logo as well as the primary and secondary packaging. The creative idea and process behind the design of the fragrance was inspired by the Emirates, with the ‘cap’ of the bottle made out of wood, with its shape inspired by the ‘Dhow’ that’s symbolic of the region. The light-brown colour of the secondary packaging was selected to match the colour of sand, a feature that runs across the seven Emirates. All attempts were taken to ensure that this new product truly reflects the Emiratis and stay true to the pitch of ‘made by Emiratis, for the Emiratis’.

The most challenging part of this journey was the final selection of the fragrances. The ideation sessions with the panellists clearly stated that the new product should have two fragrances and both should be unisex, with the twist that the one should appeal for day usage and the other for the evening. After numerous attempts, two fragrances were finally shortlisted with the help of the panellist and were later trialled with a larger Emirati fraternity through Ajmal stores. The two fragrances not only matched the brief but also ensured that it’s distinctively different and unique from anything that the Emiratis have ever smelt before.

This is the story of Qafiya – a story of that unique rhythm that weaves an evocative experience, conveying ideas and emotions in the most vivid and imaginative ways. Commenting on this community lead initiative Abdulla Ajmal, General Manager of Ajmal Perfumes said “We had this unique opportunity where we had an insight directly from the Emirati youth we cater to, who wanted to create fragrances that would speak to them. The concept weaved itself beautifully, created from the fabric of day to day lives of these young vibrant Emiratis and with the help of Ajmal, we were able to create two unique fragrances under the concept of Qafiya. We believe that the concept is a region’s first and we are hopeful that it will be super successful. This is only the beginning, through Qafiya and over time, we aim to launch a number of community lead projects across the region.”

Commenting on the collaborative approach Rashid Abdulla said “Two years ago I walked into Ajmal offices with an idea to bring the community and Ajmal’s brand together, and come up with a concept that represents both Ajmal’s qualities and the community’s preference. Being born and raised in a city that highlights the importance of quality and community, has definitely impacted the fragrance, the packaging and our way of communication with everyone”

The Fragrances

Crafted for taste that reflects the region, Qafiya 01 is a unisex fragrance aimed for use during the day. An inviting fragrance with top notes comprised of Saffron, Orange flower and Rose, blend amicably with Amber and Woody notes of Patchouli and Musk. The fragrance is designed to illuminate and bring forth your desire to succeed.

A unisex fragrance designed to enhance your evenings, Qafiya 02 is a unique blend of the flavours all around you. With fresh spicy top notes the fragrance lingers with Bergamot, Coffee and Orange flower resting on a base of Moss and Sandalwood that provides a calm yet provocative demeanour. Unravel evenings of delight and add to your desire to reflect reassured confidence.

Qafiya perfumes are available at Ajmal boutiques in the UAE.

Price: AED250.