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Caudalie has come a long way to capture and extend the gorgeous, healthy beauty of a sun-kissed skin. Divine Legs and Soleil Divin are indulgent treatments for the senses that give you instantly beautiful, summer skin along with protection from the sun’s harsh rays.

So, even though the summer holidays are long over, you can still add a summery glow to your daily beauty routine! Divine Legs adds a natural, customised tan without the sun, and without having to rely on a self-tanner, while Soleil Divin provides anti-ageing face sun care for that healthy, natural radiance.

Says Caudalie co-founder, Mathilde Thomas: “I dreamt of creating a beauty saviour for all women that could give the illusion of being back from a weekend in the sun, and giving their legs a sublime, sun-kissed glow. Now it’s a dream come true, with Divine Legs. Finally, you can say yes to flirty little dresses and glamorous skirts and shorts, with or without the sun.”

Divine Legs
Divine Legs is a warm-weather essential that envelops skin in nourishing moisture, while imparting a golden, luminous glow to the legs. A silky, decadent lotion, it nourishes, brightens and instantly tans, and is a natural option to self-tanners that streak and smell unpleasant. Divine Legs blends perfectly with all skin tones and dries instantly. Its key ingredients, which are natural, include Chicory extract, from chicory roots in France to provide an immediate tan effect only 60 seconds after application.

The intensity of the tan is adaptable, based on the amount applied. Carob extract, taken from the fruit pulp of the carob tree, intensifies and prolongs the natural tan in the skin by stimulating a protein, Kinase C. Grape oil, extracted from grape seeds and refined to provide an ultra nourishing formula is also an ingredient. The concentration of linoleic acid (Omega 6), an essential fatty acid for skin and cell membranes, allows for better control of skin miniaturisation. Rapeseed extract, extracted from rapeseed oil, is a new ingredient that optimises the skin’s natural moisture. It prevents trans-epidermal water loss by reorganising the network of lipids on the surface of the skin to make it tighter and thus prevent water from evaporating. Finally, copper and gold pearlizers leave a delicate, iridescent sheen. For best results, Divine Legs should be applied on clean, dry skin and left to dry for 60 seconds after the first application. It is easily removed with water.

Soleil Divin
This anti-ageing face sun care cream with SPF50 provides superb protection against the sun, including a global anti-ageing effect against UVA/UVB rays. With an unctuous texture, Soleil Divin grants a transparent, matte and non-sticky finish. Completely moisturised and strengthened, the skin takes on a radiant and even tan. Soleil Divin is best applied generously and evenly before sun exposure, avoiding the eye contour area. It can be re-applied every two hours, and after bathing. Remember to avoid too much sun, even when using sun protection. Choose an SPF that suits your skin type, and if you are not sure, it is always best to choose the highest SPF. It’s advisable to avoid sun exposure between 12pm and 4pm, and to always wear sunglasses and a hat.

Divine Oil
A cult favourite, Divine Oil, is now available in 100ml. A dry oil with a unique formula made of an exceptional oil blend of Grape, Argan, Hibiscus and Sesame in combination with patented anti-oxidant polyphenols, The divine subtle, floral and sun-kissed fragrance, with woody notes: Moroccan and Bulgarian rose, grapefruit, pink pepper, cedar, vanilla and white musk. This product moisturises, nourishes and enhances face, body and hair.

Nourishing Body Lotion
Available in a highly natural formula, this rich, melting lotion provides intensive hydration, keeping dry skin comfortable from morning to night with its blend of antioxidant active ingredients, and exclusive Caudalie-patented grape and grapevine extracts. Grapeseed oil is rich in Omega 6 for incredibly nourished and renewed skin that doesn’t feel greasy. Powerful anti-oxidant grape polyphenols in the formula arrest free radicals, preventing premature aging while preserving the hyaluronic acid reserves that exist naturally in the skin. Sesame and borage oils renew and soothe, while Gingko biloba provides draining action. Nourishing Body Lotion’s light, delicate texture melts instantly on skin, wrapping it in a soft, silky touch with a refreshing fragrance of lemon notes, lavandin and sandalwood. Upon daily application, the skin becomes more supple, radiant and ever so soft. This product is perfect as an after-sun lotion, to help the tan last longer.

Caudalie products are available at Bin Sina Pharmacy and Sephora in the UAE.


  • Caudalie Divine Legs 100 ml – AED180.
  • Caudalie Soleil Divin Anti-Ageing Suncare SPF50 40ml – AED164.
  • Caudalie Divine Oil 100ml – AED164.
  • Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion 250 ml – AED115.