By The Beauty Hub  |  November 15th, 2016  |  Brands,News

The new renovated range of Kérastase Spécifique and its new personalised At-home Rituals and Revolutionary In-Salon protocol offers powerful cures for different scalp problems. It combines the best anti-pollution cleansing with a new science in the care of the scalp. Because Kérastase believes that beautiful hair begins with the scalp, it must be looked after just as we look after our skin.

Targeted at air-born pollution and at water impurities that can clog pores while suffocating hair follicles and causing scalp sensitivity, dandruff, oiliness or even hair loss, the new three-step protocol from Spécifique is a revolutionary response that reverses the effects of ‘urban hair’. It includes renovated shampoo’s with a fresh new look, and three intensive cures that can be used in the salon and at home to treat hair loss, sensitive scalps and dandruff. The Protocol eliminates impurities and pollutants, thus purifying the scalp, improving micro-circulation and preventing scalp issues from recurring.

In the first step, anti-pollution cleansing involves the use of Masquargil, a clay mask with 20% Kaolin to deep clean the scalp while unclogging pores, eliminating oil, sweat and pollutants. This cooling mask allows the scalp’s own metabolism to initiate. It is available as part of a personalised Kérastase in-salon ritual. Next, the Clarisonic professional brush, a breakthrough tool in scalp care designed exclusively for Kérastase, is paired with a shampoo from the Spécifique range. This allows pore-by-pore detoxification, with the activation of micro-circulation. The hair and scalp are thus ready for the next step of adapted treatments.

In the second step, Masque Hydra-Apaisant, a renewing gel cream is applied with a specialised scalp massage for over three minutes in order to moisturise and soothe the scalp. Thanks to its AOX Complex, formulated with Moringa, Vitamin E, Rhamnose and L-Carnosine, hair emerges supple, soft, nourished and incredibly light.

For the third and final step, Cures Intensive scalp treatments are applied to the scalp using an innovative Micronizer. Used in the salon, the Micronizer works as an airbrush, precisely and efficiently distributing the selected ampule (for dandruff, a sensitive scalp, or for hair loss) evenly on the scalp surface. The Micronization of the anti-dandruff cure is as efficient as three anti-dandruff shampoos in a row.

Purifying, detoxing is step one. Calming and renewing is step two. Preventing relapse is step three. The last step is extended by bringing home the benefits of Spécifique. Each Kérastase Specifique in-salon ritual is designed so that it can be maintained at home. The luxurious perfumes, ingredients and textures complete the ‘spa-like’ experience at home, each one tailored to the client’s specific diagnosis as carried out by the hairdresser.

When used as part of a 4 to 6 week program, the result is a comforted, balanced and healthy scalp, with hair that’s strong, full and wonderfully touchable.


  • Bain Anti-pelliculaire – AED120.
  • Bain Prevention – AED120.
  • Bain Vital Dermo-calm – AED120.
  • Bain Divalent – AED120.
  • Cure Anti-chute Intense X42 – AED825.
  • Cure Anti-chute Intense X10 – AED300.
  • Cure Anti-pelliculaire X12 – AED300.
  • Cure Apaisante Anti-inconforts X12 – AED300.