By The Beauty Hub  |  November 29th, 2016  |  Brands,News

François Nars and fashion photographer Sarah Moon dare you to look closer as their limited-edition collection exposes every facet of the feminine.

Deeply inspired by iconic cinema, François Nars and Sarah Moon collectively worked from the nostalgic futurism of Metropolis to set the mood for the season’s story. Every element of the collection blurs the lines between real and surreal, serving as a direct expression of their collaborative vision.

The Colour Collection
Rich and hypnotic, the Sarah Moon for NARS Colour Collection sharpens and softens, evokes and provokes.

Moon Matte Lipstick – an intensely opulent, high-pigment formula.
AED145 / QAR140 / SAR150 / KD11 / BD14.9.

Blush – limited edition
AED165 / QAR160 / SAR170 / KD12.5 / BD16.9.

Duo Eyeshadow – limited edition
AED175 / QAR175 / SAR180 / KD13.25 / BD17.9.

Kohliner – limited edition
AED129 / QAR129 / SAR130 / KD9.5 / BD12.9.

Nail Polish – limited edition
AED105 / QAR105 / SAR110 / KD8 / BD10.70.
Never Tamed

The Gifting Collection – deceptively nuanced. Boldly mysterious. Every look demands a second look.

Get Real Audacious Eye and Lip Set
AED245 / QAR245 / SAR250 / KD18.75 / BD25.20.

Two Mini Audacious Lipsticks: Leslie, Bette Black Moon Audacious Mascara.

Look Closer Eyeshadow Palette
AED245 / QAR245 / SAR250 / KD18.75 / BD25.20.

Four Your Eyeshadow: I, II, III, IV
Via Veneto Mini Larger than Life Eyeliner

True Story Cheek and Lip Palette
AED295 / QAR295 / SAR300 / KD22.5 / BD30.3.

Four Blushes: Devotee, Myth, Unwritten, Outlaw Mysterious Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

Recurring Dare Cheek and Lip Palette
AED295 / QAR295 / SAR300 / KD22.5 / BD30.3.

Four Blushes: Albatross, Sex Appeal, Illusive, Make Believe Golshan Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

Mind Game Mini Velvet Lip Glide Coffret
AED225 / QAR225 / SAR230 / KD17.25 / BD23.1.

Six Mini Velvet Lip Glide: Bound, No.676, Chez Claude, Unspeakable, Plato’s, To Shadow Side Velvet Shadow Stick Set.
AED195 / QAR195 / SAR199/ KD15 / BD20.

Three Mini Velvet Shadow Sticks: Lucid Dream, Real Sureeal, Nunavut, Black Moon Mini Audacious Mascara.

Sarah Moon For NARS Holiday 2016 Collection is available exclusively at Sephora stores in the GCC.