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The Merchant Of Venice has its conceptual origins in the Venetian soul. Created by Mavive, it involves different product lines based on the perfumery tradition of the Republic of Venice, its expertise in craftsmanship, and its century old trade with the Orient.

The perfumes take its inspiration from the precious essences and spices that the Venetian merchants of the past used to import from the main harbours of the world, via the Mude (sea routes), and subsequently traded them throughout Europe.

The Merchant Of Venice was conceived as a direct result of the creation of the Perfume Museum, which in turn now crowns the creation of the fragrance. A first of its kind in Italy, the Museum represents the focus of Mavive expertise and efforts, and its completion is due to the agreement between this historic Venetian perfume company and the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

In the rooms of the sixteenth-century Palazzo Mocenigo, enchantingly arranged by Pier Luigi Pizzi, a stimulating layout will guide visitors through multimedia didactic contents, sensory experiences, and rare, precious objects, and will inform them of the century-old continuity between the Republic of Venice and the history of Perfume.


The Murano collection of essences speaks about the long journeys from the fascinating cities of the Orient to the enchantment of Venice, the main destination of the ancient Mediterranean routes. The spices, the aromas, and the rare essences were expertly selected by merchants from among those that were the most aspired and precious.

The Merchant Of Venice offers six fragrances in bottles specifically based on the designs of the ancient creations by the master glass-blowers of Murano.

Flower Fusion
A refine mélange, a rich floral bouquet: Damascus rose and Violet Leaves of Provence carry within them the mysterious scents of water-lily and jasmine to generate a luxurious fragrance that expresses pure femininity.

Byzantium Saffron
According to Greek mythology, saffron is central to the legend of young Crocus and Smilax. This fragrance expresses the passion of the warm amber notes and embraces them in a classic elegance; it transports your mind to the most intriguing and exuberant lands evoked by Indonesian patchouli.

Noble Potion
It embodies the smooth sensuality of the finest sandalwood and cedar wood of Lebanon, and merges them with the citrus freshness of bergamot and orange blossoms. It is an intense fragrance softened by the velvety notes of violet.

Mandarin Carnival
Sicily has the power to enchant you with its deep blue sea and sky, fields of verdant green, and rainbows of rich and aromatic flowers. Mandarin Carnival embodies these colours with its bursts of the citrus freshness of the finest native mandarins and also, through the sweetness of tamarind, it invites the mind to visit exotic and unexplored lands.

Suave Petals
A delicate and seductive feminine fragrance. The peach blossoms, that in Asia represent feminine beauty, merge with white rose, orris of Florence, and the oriental fascination of patchouli.

Asian Inspirations
A simple and refined contrast between the fruity notes of bitter orange and the spicy tones of sage. The woody signature of white cedar merges with the scented notes of benzoin from Siam. It is a new, audacious mode that enables the wearer to discover the unexplored scents of the most classic vetiver.

The Murano Exclusive Collection is the ideal combination of unique fragrances; created by renowned master perfumers, they have the added refinement of being contained in typical Venetian blue and gold coloured glass bottles. These masterpieces re-interpret in a modern key the most classic shape of Murano glass design and are further enriched by decorations that, individually, originally inspired in turn the name of the respective perfume.

It is a collection of exclusive Eau de Parfums, each with its own olfactory signature expertly crafted: the floral and oriental heart notes confer a unique, refined, and definite character to each creation.

The Murano Exclusive collection is characterized by 6 Eau de Parfum Concentrée’s:

The beauty of the dream-like world of Arabesque is embodied in the nobility of the blue and gold bottle of this fragrance, an aromatic creation of a thousand facets. The overwhelming combination of tobacco leaves, sweet notes of plum, and frizzy ginger make the fragrance attractive at the very first hint of its head note. The heart note discloses a warm accord of cinnamon and cedar wood, both exalted by vetiver in the base note and further softened by a delicate white musk.

The warm and embracing scents of the Middle East are masterfully expressed in this fragrance through a warm and woody accord. The head note opens with a combination of red thyme and violet leaves that add a delicate freshness to the overall creation. The golden spice of saffron ignites the heart note and, combined with freesia and the warmth of cedar wood, bursts forth into the vibrant and intense amber, musky, and woody accords of incense, musk, and leather. This is both a unique and embracing fragrance.

Fenicia is a mysterious fragrance. The alluring combination of the fresh opening notes of lemon from Calabria with the warm, spicy character of nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon, are embellished and softened by a touch of rose. This unique combination, further combined with a woody base made of patchouli, sandalwood, and Tonka bean, generates a definitive and distinctive olfactory note. This fragrance mirrors the allure of the modern East.

Liberty is a mystical and fascinating fragrance. The heritage of leather is here expressed through an olfactory signature that embodies a warm and spicy accord of saffron, skillfully combined with delicate, white lily. Amber and patchouli make the base note particularly rich and give a unique and fascinating signature to this fragrance.

Intimate and embracing, this fragrance is the perfect symbol of a harmony of opposites. The unexpected combination of the dark and mysterious notes of incense with the luminous and soft Tonka bean, is the ideal frame to embellish this olfactory structure, which is expertly formulated around a valuable raw material, cocoa. With its slight poudrè character, the cocoa is subsequently embraced by delicate notes of jasmine and citrus touches of bergamot.

This fragrance elegantly expresses the time-honoured bond between Venice and the East; expresses the splendour, the opulence, and the fascinating alchemy for which that ancient world of spices is justifiably renowned. Oud is the main element in the formula. Majestic as it is, it easily expresses nobility and charm. The fragrance is then enriched with a mixture of warm notes such as, cedar wood and patchouli, which in turn harmoniously combine with delicate touches of rose and apple blossoms.

Nobil Homo is the men’s collection from The Merchant of Venice. It aims to encompass the magnetic charm of Venetian noblemen. The inspiration for this set of four Eau de Parfum is inspired by the trades and travels of the ancient Venetian nobility. Each fragrance is an olfactive masterpiece with spicy and woody notes derived from precious raw materials founded during the ancient Venetian trade routes. Each fragrance is contained within a precious glass, which took inspiration from the style and colours of traditional Venetian fabric. Sealed with a precious silver cap it is the guaranteed proposal of the highest quality of Venetian perfumery.

Nobil Homo collection is characterized by 4 Eau de Parfums:

Esperidi Water
The colour of amber, symbol for a refined and noble character, highlights the new, contemporary accord of Esperidi Water,a fragrance where the freshness of orange and lemon meets the intense sensuality of black pepper. The heart reveals a romantic bouquet of white flowers warmed by notes of noble woods such as cedar wood and vetiver. The base note fully expresses the virility of the fragrance, and its touches of white musk are exalted by the dignified elegance of the amber notes.

Dalmatian Sage
Dalmatian Sage is an elegant combination of the fizzy and citrus notes of lemon with the Mediterranean aroma of clary sage. The majesty of vetiver emerges from the woody notes, which are exalted, in turn, by a touch of cedar wood. This refined masculine fragrance is encased in a unique, green decorated glass bottle.

Sultan Leather
This intriguing fragrance immediately reveals itself in the head note, crafted from a fine and spicy balance of saffron, pepper and nutmeg. The heart creates an embracing and audacious feeling through the contrasting scents of floral notes, augmented by the warmth of sandalwood and cedar wood. The refinement of Sultan Leather fully emerges in its base note. The masculine and persistent characters of the noble notes of this blonde leather generate a virile and fascinating signature.

Ottoman Amber
This majestic and audacious composition opens with the citrus notes of bergamot, which are then sweetened by floral touches of geranium and plum. The original colour of the sandalwood ingredient is suggestively mirrored in the brown tones throughout the pattern on the glass bottle. Masterly merged with patchouli, the same ingredient gives pride and intensity to the fragrance. The passionate combination of vanilla with labdanum reveals the richness of Ottoman Amber, a noble fragrance that takes its inspiration from a far-away and dream-like world.

The Merchant of Venus perfumery line is available exclusively at Paris Gallery.