Xen-Tan provides a safer way of enjoying sun-kissed skin every day. Whatever your preferred method of self tanning, Xen- Tan products offer different solutions for each and every skin tone.  Innovative ingredients, luxury moisturizers and paraben free formulas ensure it is easy to apply and with its’ delicious fragrance and natural olive tones you can feel assured that the results will be perfect and long lasting.

Whether you prefer to tan at home or have a professional spray tan, Xen- tan gives a gorgeous, flawless, natural looking tan that fades evenly and lasts for up to 10 days.


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A healthier choice for our kids and the environment.

Eco.kid is formulated exclusively for the hair, scalp and skin of children aged 3 tp 12 years old and so is able to help address common problems faced by this age group. The products contain up to 99% raw materials that conform to ECOCERT standards of organic cosmetics.  Eco.kid is a truly unique product range that is organic and ecologically responsible, toxin free, and formulated specifically for children. It is Australian made and is crafted using Australian ingredients.

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The Evanescent collection combines the art of perfumery with the therapeutic properties of essential oils.  Each fragrance is crafted using the finest ingredients from all over the world and resonates with the principles of chakra energy and numerology. This collection of fragrance embraces subtle energies as a way to more fully enjoy the vibrational power of perfume.

This collection is not just a sampling of scents, it’s a full wardrobe of perfumes. Winter and summer scents have different weights and textures, just as a sunny day scent has an entirely different appeal to a sumptuous evening perfume. These scents do more than respond to changing climates- they have the power to set moods and capture passing fancies.

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