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The most complete synergy between two star Orchidée Impériale skincare products:

The New-Generation Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract (IOME)
for exceptional age-defying performance.

The White Orchid Extract for complete control of the skin’s pigmentation and luminosity.

In a new superior skincare product for maximum effectiveness and extreme gentleness on the skin.

A multidisciplinary research platform unique in the world, the Guerlain Orchidarium, dedicated to the most evolved flower of the plant kingdom: the Orchid.
Over 10 years of research.
8 patents pending.
3 orchids selected from 30,000.


In 2009, Guerlain created its first ORCHIDEE IMPERIALE WHITE Serum, the heir to the exceptional Orchidée Impériale age-defying line and pioneer of a new pigmentation-controlling science. By combining the Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract and the White Orchid Extract for the first time, Guerlain inaugurated a new complete approach to the skin’s youthfulness and luminosity.

This same year, Guerlain conducted a clinical study* in collaboration with Professor T. Tadokoro, the Director of the Dermatology Department at the Osaka University, to evaluate the compared effectiveness results of the Orchidée Impériale White Serum and a classic whitening formulation containing at least 3% Vitamin C. The conclusion was unequivocal: the action of the tested serum was not only more effective on pigmentation flaws than the formula containing active ingredients with a quasi-drug status, but it also helped improve the skin’s luminosity and brightness. This impressive research led to the first Orchidée Impériale White publication in 2010.

In 2012, Guerlain took one more step in age-defying and brightening cosmetics. Guerlain Research demonstrated the relationship between skin sensitivity and the presence of pigmentation flaws.

The specific formula developed by Guerlain acts on natural skin inflammation phenomena that accentuate pigmentation disorders.  The new Orchidée Impériale White Serum meets the most demanding needs of women. Its formula unites the brightening action of the highly concentrated White Orchid Extract, capable of soothing the skin’s natural sensitivity, and the complete age-defying power of the New-Generation IOME, to offer exceptional longevity, luminosity and soothing performance.

More than an exceptional brightening age-defying skincare product, a totally innovative approach to translucency that aims to soothe the skin’s sensitivity to prevent pigmentation flaws.

  • Clinical study by a dermatologist conducted in Japan. Evaluation of pigmentation on 48 women. Results after 8 weeks of twice-daily application.
  • Study conducted by Guerlain Research on a sample of 200 women in Asia (China, Korea, Japan), carried out in collaboration with local dermatologists


Everywhere in the world, more and more women with sensitive skin are complaining of sensations of heat, burning, stinging or itching, sometimes together with blotchiness, which correspond with the skin’s lowered tolerance level to various stimuli.

These include environmental factors – variations in temperature, exposure to the sun or UV rays, pollution – as well as internal factors: emotions, hormonal cycles and food disorders.

The skin triggers a non-specific biological response that significantly betrays its discomfort: inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural reaction to assaults. It comes into play via the activation of cyclooxygenases (COX-1 and 2), enzymes in charge of producing mediators that participate in accentuating the inflammatory response. In reaction to repeated stress, the production of these mediators, notably prostaglandins (PGE-2), increases. This leads to the skin’s vasodilatation, reactive hyperpigmentation and even cellular breakdown.  The weakened skin tends to become increasingly sensitive.


Yet, women who disheartened their skin’s uneven pigmentation and lack of luminosity often complain of its extreme sensitivity as well.

In order to analyse the possible correlations between the skin’s sensitivity and pigmentation flaws, a study of over 200 women was conducted by Guerlain Research all over Asia (China, Japan, Korea), in collaboration with local dermatologists. These dermatologists gave their panellists a detailed questionnaire addressing, on the one hand, the luminosity of their skin and the size, number and localisation of dark spots and, on the other hand, the particular sensitivity of their skin according to the circumstances or season.
While differences appear between the surveyed populations, notably in terms of skin type, the quantity of dark spots on the face or sensitivity, there is a constant observation that comes up in all of the questionnaires: the correlation between the sensitivity of the skin and the presence of dark spots located on the entire face.

The more sensitive the skin is considered to be, the more numerous dark spots are on the cheeks. Therefore, treating the lack of complexion brightness without taking into account the problem of the skin’s sensitivity means ignoring an essential part of the origins of pigmentation.

Guerlain researchers undertook a challenge: to offer women a complete age-defying skincare product that is as effective as possible in terms of radiance and an even complexion, but also capable of protecting the skin and soothing its sensitivity.

The ultimate combination of ultra-effectiveness and extreme gentleness.

The work conducted for over 10 years by Guerlain Research and the teams of the Orchidarium continue to reveal the activity of orchids, endowed with increasingly powerful molecules. Their discoveries uncovered two exclusive concentrates that now give this new exceptional and complete skincare the highest synergy of performance: age-defying, brightening and soothing action.

Complete age-defying performance for remarkable longevity.

The New-Generation IOME is the ultimate combination of three orchid species that act on all signs of ageing, including Vanda coerulea and Vanda teres. It is now integrated in the Orchidée Impériale White Serum to target the six fundamental mechanisms of the skin’s longevity:

  • It stimulates the longevity gene that is responsible for the synthesis of an anti-inflammatory protein.
  • It combats the spiral of immunoageing.
  • It preserves the original composition of the cell membrane.
  • It increases the regeneration potential of epidermal cells.
  • It reinforces DNA protection.
  • It controls the overproduction of melanin.

Not to mention a new action that aims to improve longevity with the power to “turn back cellular time”:

  • It delays cells’ entry into senescence by maintaining an increasing number of young and active cells in the skin, day by day.
  • It maintains the vitality of cells by safeguarding their surrounding ecosystem.
  • It increases skin cells’ life expectancy.

Day by day, young and active cells become more numerous. The processes responsible for skin ageing are impeded.* The skin is revitalised, appears younger – and remains younger-looking for longer.

Complete brightening performance to control the skin’s pigmentation AND luminosity.

The work conducted by the Orchidarium made it possible to isolate molecules that are active on the primary genes involved in each stage of the skin’s pigmentation and luminosity from the leaves and stems of a remarkable orchid, the Brassocattleya. They were united in an exclusive, patented extract: the White Orchid Extract.

In parallel to traditional processes using Vitamin C derivatives, the White Orchid Extract offers decisive action that directly targets the genes by slowing the pigmentation mechanisms within the melanocytes and stimulating the mechanisms that control the skin’s luminosity within the keratinocytes.

By acting on the eight key genes specifically involved in the production, maturation, transport and transfer of melanin from the melanocyte to the keratinocyte, the White Orchid Extract controls the skin’s pigmentation in advance.

The gene encoding tyrosinase, the key enzyme at the origin of all pigmentation mechanisms.
The MC1R gene, which regulates the MSH – the hormone that controls pigmentation within the melanocyte.
The AP3 gene, involved in the transfer and adhesion of tyrosinase in the melanosome.
The SILV gene, involved in the polymerisation of melanin, i.e. the transformation of pro-melanin into dark-coloured melanin.
The GPR143 gene, involved in controlling the size and maturation of the melanosome up to the time of its transfer.
The VAMP 2 gene, involved in the accumulation of melanin in the melanosome and the transport of the melanosome to the melanocyte membrane.
The STOML2 gene, involved in the depositing of the melanosome on the melanocyte dendrites.
The SNAP 23 gene, involved in the transfer of the melanosome from the dendrites to the keratinocyte membrane.

By acting on the five key encoding genes responsible for hydration, intercellular cohesion, renewal, proliferation and the cellular differentiation/renewal balance, which control the skin’s optical properties, the White Orchid Extract improves the skin’s translucency and surface luminosity.

The gene encoding proteins responsible for providing moisture to the skin, which controls epidermal hydration.
The gene encoding E-cadherins, proteins that play a major role in intercellular cohesion.
The gene encoding KI 67 – a marker of cell renewal balance.
The gene encoding Keratin 16 – a marker of cellular hyper-proliferation.
The gene encoding Calgranulin A, which controls the cellular differentiation/renewal balance.


For the first time, the concentration of the White Orchid Extract was raised to a record level to push this complete melanogenesis and skin brightening approach to the extreme.

Complete soothing performance for early regulation of the skin’s hyperpigmentation and ageing.

Brassocattleya, the star of the White Orchid Extract, offered a second decisive discovery to Guerlain researchers in terms of controlling pigmentation and ageing: its ability to act on mediators that trigger inflammation, particularly PGE-2. These enzymes contribute to vasodilatation, adhesion and cellular migration. They therefore accentuate the inflammatory reaction. In vitro tests on cellular cultures of human keratinocytes prove it: White Orchid Extract reduces production of PGE-2 by 88%, whether induced by UV rays or not.

Furthermore, this soothing action is completed by the New-Generation IOME via one of its three key orchids, Vanda coerulea. Its particularly high concentration of phytoalexins, with remarkable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, acts ahead of time on inflammation by inhibiting the production of COX-2,* the enzyme responsible for the formation of PGE-2.

In perfect synergy, the combination of these two anti-inflammatory properties helps fight against two of the key inflammation factors for complete soothing action on skin exposed to increased dark spots and ageing.*

Orchidée Impériale White Serum. A single serum with triple performance: age-defying, brightening and soothing.

In a virtuous circle, the youthful-brightening result becomes exponential and more complete than ever before:

  • From the creation of melanin to its transfer to the skin surface, the White Orchid Extract acts ahead of the key pigmentation processes to slow their momentum.*
  • With its soothing action, it helps reduce inflammatory phenomena induced by external stress* for advanced regulation of skin disorders involved in ageing and hyperpigmentation.
  • By boosting the regeneration potential of epidermal cells,* the New-Generation IOME helps reduce all signs of skin ageing and completes the brightening action of the White Orchid Extract.
  • Reinforcing the skin’s hydration and contributing to its optimal renewal, the Orchidée Impériale White Serum smoothes and evens out the skin’s texture for a perfect surface with translucent luminosity.

Day by day, the soothed skin glows with new youthfulness. It regains its strength and density. The complexion is smoothed. Dark spots fade. The skin tone lightens and looks more even. Luminous and fresh, freed of its imperfections, the skin beams with pure, dazzling and long-lasting radiance.



Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist on a sample of 32 women. Results after 8 weeks of twice-daily application.
Evaluation of the immediate soothing effect on 15 women.
Self-evaluation on a sample of 32 women. Results after 8 weeks of twice-daily application.

A divine sensorial texture
The technological performance of the Orchidée Impériale White Serum was encapsulated in a texture with comforting softness. Deliciously fluid and velvety opalescent, it immediately envelops the face in soothing freshness. The skin seems to be renewed with translucency and light.

White perfection
In a sublime interplay of white and gold, the Orchidée Impériale White Serum dresses in luxury and purity. Backed by blue, its immaculate case opens vertically to reveal a sleek bottle crowned with a blue and white gold cap. Through the precious thickness of the glass, the serum shows off its opalescent whiteness, a promise of future dazzling skin.