By The Beauty Hub  |  June 21st, 2012  |  Company News,News

Over a year ago, prefiguring the return of the ‘Russian Ballet’ fashion, CARON devised the image of a sled being drawn through the pure white snow by a sumptuously ornamented fiery steed,accompanied by the merry tinkling of bells.

CARON called on the skills of a master engraver/sculptor Pierre Rouge-Pullon to create this magnificent work of art in antique patinated bronze.

The famous TABAC BLOND, the best-selling fountain perfume in every CARON boutique, has been chosen for a Limited Edition of 300 pieces.

TABAC BLOND is a legendary CARON composition, combining Russian leather with the rarest of flowers and the noblest of woods to obtain a captivating fragrance, available in two versions: perfume extract and eau de toilette.

This dazzling duo, called L’ANNEE RUSSE, comes in a sumptuous box-cum-presentation case, inscribed with Cyrillic characters.

Price: 100ml for AED709