By Vivian King  |  August 13th, 2012  |  Bath & Body,Reviews

Human + kind has become one of my favourite products and the all-in-one body oil is now known as the “miracle oil” in our household. The description for this product is that it is an all over body moisturiser that can also help diminish scars, stretch marks, smooth skin after shaving, improve the appearance of damaged skin and remedy minor skin ailments amongst others.

I have just had a mini operation on my nose to get rid of an unsightly bump. My skin was healing quite well for a week until I woke up to an inflamed scar. By the evening, it had only gotten worse and it looked like it was infected. I decided to put this oil to the test. My scar was completely calm the next morning and the redness had all but subsided. Incredible!

I had another opportunity to test it when a friend of mine’s daughter fell and had a long scratch on her leg. After cleaning it up, we put some of this oil on it. It didn’t burn and the scratch was well onto its healing path the next day. I use it when my skin feels a little dry or if I have any minor skin complaints, it works its wonders every time. The oil smells like a soft perfume, absolutely gorgeous. I take it with me on my travels, wherever I go as it is a mini first-aid kit for the skin that no-one should be without.