By Vivian King  |  October 29th, 2012  |  Fragrances,Reviews

A friend of mine just bought the perfume and I thought it was the most heavenly scent. As I desperately wanted a bottle but it did not fit into this month’s budget, I turned to the solid perfume charm for consolation.

It is too cute! It has a mobile phone loop so you can link it to just about anything. Perfect for the evening bag. I love rose scents and have yet to be able to find a perfume that actually smells like roses. I find that most are quite overwhelming, too floral and can seem like the perfect fragrance for your little old granny. Not L’Occitane Rose des Champs, it is a wonderful light scent, not at all heavy. It is crisp and delightfully fresh!

Available at L’Occtiane Stores

Price:  AED59