By The Beauty Hub  |  September 15th, 2013  |  Company News,News

The new Colour & Art Collection by Artdeco provides a limited summer look that enables sexy nails in bright colours, strong contrasts and bold self-presentation.

The colourless eyeshadow base prevents eye shadow from streaking in the eyelid fold. Eye shadow is easier to apply and it adheres better while soothing delicate eyelid skin.

Long-lasting, silky eye shadows can be applied softly and gently. The exclusive design of the collection is reflected as a relief on the eye shadow. Moss green and green picnic time as well as blue ice cube and about midnight make eyes shine while yellow sunbeam, a strong yellow shade, and green grasshopper, a subtle lime shade, ensure some exciting moments. Unusual looks can be created using golden red and warm sassy orange. Trendy blackberry nuances such as smooth purple and plum conjure up seductive eye makeup while delicate rosy wool and timeless neatly white are available for more subtle accentuation of the eyes.

The limited Beauty Box Trio is ideal for combining, replacing and storing eye shadow and blusher in order to create a variety of looks.

The Soft Eye Liner is waterproof and is offered in cobalt blue and dancing purple. These contour sticks are also available in black, golden green and an olive shade.

The gel-like texture of the Dip Eyeliner is specially developed for pearly colours. Perfectly curved lines can be drawn using this non-perfumed precision eyeliner. The summery look is determined by turquoise green, cobalt blue and purple date while classic eyeliner is available in black.

Wonder Lash Intense Mascara lengthens eyelashes thanks to a flexible, two-sided brush. The flat side can be used for applying more colour to eyelashes thereby increasing volume while the round side is used for forming and separating eyelashes as required. A combination of natural and synthetic waxes such as rice wax and beeswax keeps eyelashes silky. This non-perfumed mascara is available in black, green, blue and purple.

Perfect Colour Lipstick in orange wild time, a fresh orange, and call me pink, an intensive coral shade, conjures up kissable lips. In red-pink shades of crazy in love, red pepperoni, pink lady and knock-out pink, creamy textures pamper your skin with nourishing waxes and oils while vitamin E provides protection from free radicals and moisture loss.

The Lip Lacquer is distinguished by its intense colour covering capacity. In orange wild time , mellow tangerine, pink attitude and red violet, lips dazzle in a seductive manner. The creamy texture is easily and consistently applied thanks to a short brush with natural hair.

The Soft Lip Liner is waterproof and makes this lip make-up last even longer. Orange wild time, call me pink, red pepperoni and knock-out pink harmonize perfectly with Perfect Colour Lipsticks.

Blusher in vitamin bomb and pink juice provides skin with a delicate freshness.

Ceramic Nail Lacquer creates colourful fingernails radiating in various red-pink shades such as hot hot pink, pink pick-up line, red heart flip and fresh orange. Colourful highlights are achieved by light yellow in happy banana and dark blue in the form of good night. The summer look is rounded off with green mood, a lime hue, and green picnic time, an emerald green. Nail Lacquer contains patented ceramic particles that increase its resilience and help the shine to last longer. Polyester resin reduces the drying time and minimizes dis-colouration.

The new Artdeco collection will be available at Paris Gallery Stores at the end of September 2013.