By The Beauty Hub  |  October 13th, 2013  |  Company News,News

There are many theories as to why our skin seems to be more sensitive, from the increase in allergies, to environmental pollution, the popularity of harsh treatments such as skin peels and micro-dermabrasion treatments; plus as we age the skin becomes more fragile and susceptible to outside influences.

The problems tend to worsen since repeated irritation leads to decreased resistance and increased fragility.

Gatineau scientists have studied the skin in-depth and have developed Serenite Anti-redness Cream to target sensitive skin. Working at two levels this treatment reduces blotchiness that occurs after stress, extreme temperatures, spicy food and alcohol whilst improving the performance of the skin’s immune system to help strengthen its defences.

The technology behind this cream is a two-dimensional action incorporating micropatches and microspheres containing high-performance encapsulated ingredients that include:

Kudzu Extract (Japanese Arrowroot) – delivers an intense soothing action whilst helping to strengthen the skin’s natural defences.

Vitamin B3 Precursor and Blood Extract (Chilean Herb) – helps diminish skin reactivity and offers an immediate calming action.

Micropatches – continuously release protective and soothing ingredients on the skin’s surface to help both reduce the intensity of each flare-up and boost resistance to future irritation.

Microspheres – contain high-performance ingredients that work to diminish the appearance of a skin reaction ‘deep down’ by trapping the irritation messengers from the very moment it starts developing.

Anti-redness Complex – containing Escine, Ruscogenine and White and Green Micro-Pigments to visibly reduce redness and strengthen capillary walls.

Moisturising and Nourishing Complex – containing Yeast Extract, Ceramides and Allantoin to help maintain moisture levels and increase skin softness.

This ‘rescue remedy’ cream has a lightweight consistency and absorbs very easily into the skin. Used underneath a regular moisturiser or on its own it immediately neutralizes visible redness whilst soothing and calming irritation. Day after day the skin becomes more resilient and is left soft and supple.