By The Beauty Hub  |  October 1st, 2014  |  Company News,News

L’Oréal Paris are introducing Elvive Nourishing Oil Shampoo, the first range to be enriched with 6 precious oils. A collection that is growing, the Nourishing Oil shampoo range has been unveiled hard on the heels of the recently launched Elvive Nourishing Oil Replacement that blends Argan Oil with Oleo Keratin to provide intense nourishment.

Across the Arab world and throughout the ages, oil has been ingrained in the culture and beauty tradition of Arab women. Channeling this heritage by combining the goodness of 6 rare flower oils, the effective Nourishing Oil Shampoo range tackles two biggest segments of hair, which are: hair that is normal with the tendency to become dry and dry to very dry hair.

Normal hair tends to dry out thus becoming devitalized, dull and lifeless and to get it back to life, hair needs to be taken care of from the roots and nourished from the scalp. The Nourishing Oil Shampoo tackles this segment by nourishing hair fibres from the scalp, merges with the hair for prodigious suppleness and gently polishes hair for an exceptional shine.

Dry and very dry hair is often rough and hard to style and requires similar treatment as normal hair, starting from the roots and scalp. Enhanced by the blend of precious flower oils, the Nourishing Oil Shampoo for this hair type intensely nurtures the hair fibre from the scalp, merges with hair for prodigious de-tangling and discipline and finally polishes hair gently for an exceptional shine.

Blending a fondant texture with weightless nutrition, the shampoo must first be applied on wet hair, followed by a tender massage on the entire scalp and should finally end with a rinse. Subsequent to this routine of nutrition and discipline, you will feel your sublime hair bursting with life and boasting of incomparable shine and health. In fact the exceptional nourishment that your hair receives will be accompanied by softness that lasts for 48 hours!

The new range of Nourishing oil shampoos from L’Oréal Paris differs from conventional lines of hair care as it reacts more effectively to hair problems by providing more nutrition to the fibre right from the shampoo stage. In addition to the shampoo, the range also comprises of Nourishing Oil conditioner, mask and oil for dry hair.

The Elvive Nourishing Oil Shampoo range is available at supermarkets in the UAE.

Elvive Nourishing Oil Shampoo – AED18.
Elvive Nourishing Oil Conditioner – AED19.
Mask – AED35.
Oil for Dry Hair – AED42.