By The Beauty Hub  |  May 29th, 2017  |  Brands,News

This summer, Lancôme’s Summer Swing collection is making eyes electric to bring out the subtly sculpted contours of nude complexions.

Channelling the metallic trend and gentleness of soft draping and contouring, it introduces two star products in limited editions: Le Métallique, a liquid eyeshadow, and Belle de Teint Bronzer & Blush, a compact with four powders nestling in a precious case of Mediterranean inspiration.

The accent is on hot and zingy colours, to suit the season! Powderings of gold and bronze are applied to the skin in nude shades, while eyes get the ultra-electric treatment.

Sheer shimmers of pink and mocha outline facial contours, and their metallic versions are ramped up to give eyes a hot iron intensity. For an alternative look inspired by the catwalk, eyelids are painted electric blue as if swallowed by the sun. A true eye statement by Lancôme!